We  should learn martial arts and also we want to take martial arts for one cause or another. Maybe you want to study to fight or protect yourself if attack. You may be look for self confidence for you or a child. What martial art should you be trained or train in this is pretty directly forward when it comes to the answer. If you want to study how to avenue fight or fight back if attack then you should take MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai,  Boxing or Judo. If you are looking for more customary training you should look at AikidoCheck out martial art information fromHanderick.


MMA is a mix of technique from many martial arts that are used to win fight in a confine with very few rules. Here are the rules for things you cannot do when in the MMA confinechoose a MMA glove to sparring properly.

No groin attack but it does occur by accident.

No eye gouge, for obvious reason.

You absolutely cannot do knee to the head on a grounded enemy.

You can’t do angle hooking.

No strike to the back of the head or the backbone because this is a sport not Bloodsport.

Not convinced why someone would do this but you cannot put your finger in your opponent’s hole.

Headbutts are not allowable because of route that houses your intelligence which you need.

No biting except you is Mike Tyson.

Hair pull is not allowed.

No strikes or grab of the throat.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a very successful fighting system used for self defense and battle training. It was residential in the 1950’s and was initially taught to the Israeli Army. The 70’s is when this was introduce to civilians. This system was shaped to fight and protect yourself in all situation that come up in this crazy world. When you are attack, in danger.


I consider this is one of the best martial arts in the globe to learn self defense. This allow you to beat larger opponent that in a normal street fight where most fighter use their fist to try and thump you out. If you take they to the position before you get hit and they know nothing about ground hostility then the fight will be more than in seconds.

Muay Thai

I love preparation in Muay Thai. I did not teach in Thailand under the great Thai masters. I just erudite many of the lethal Muay Thai strikes from study MMA, Krav Maga. Remember these martial arts take what is useful from other style to use in their preparation.


Boxing is not actuallycareful a martial art but almost every feature of punching comes from boxing. The poke, rear cross, uppercut, and hook are all key punch when learning to fight. Many of the martial arts will educate you how to do these punch properly so no need to take a divide boxing class unless you only want to be a boxer.


Judo involveby various move to lift and turn overopponent onto their back. Once you have them on their reverse you can perform strangle holds or joint locks to submit the adversary. Judo is a hugemartial art to study for self resistance.

Aikido Aikido approach from Japan. Aikido teaches strike and grabs against opponent and to defend students use throws and pin