A Web Designer’s Competences and Responsibilities in 2019

What exactly does a web designer do? How much do they make? What does it take to become one? We will let you know all that and much more!

1. Primary Responsibilities

A web designer is responsible for the layout and design of a website. Their job also involves creating graphics, animations, and videos for a host of online resources, such as blogs, social media, and online stores. Web designers are often entrusted with the implementation of corporate design, or the so-called corporate image.

The term ‘web designer’ is not a legally protected name in itself, but you should have some qualifications to be called a web designer.

2. What Does It Take to Become a Web Designer?

Being a web designer requires you always to meet customer requirements, which is why the ability to communicate with customers is very important.

2.1 What Training Do You Need to Be a Web Designer?

There is no specific course in web design. Still, you can gain the relevant qualifications by taking “Digital Media,” “Media Informatics,” or “Graphic Design/Communication Design” courses. You can alsobecome a web designer by getting training in media design or taking up a dual degree program in digital and print media design.

Apart from getting formal training, you should also be competent in:

  • AdobePhotoshop
  • CSS
  • JavaScript/DHTML
  • Java / JSP
  • Silverlight

 Knowledge of various operating systems, web servers, and programs will also be a big plus. This way, you will be able to work with a wider range of areas and specific platforms from academic websites like https://www.buy-cheapessay.com/ to the music-related http://www.feedmusic.com/.

In addition to the abovementioned competences, you should also be committed to lifelong learning, keeping yourself updated with various innovations and the latest technology developments.

Nowadays, competencies are divided into the ‘must’ (i.e., those required by IT companies) and ‘can’ (i.e., desirable but not necessarily required).

2.2 MustCompetences:

  • Verygood PC skills
  • KnowledgeofAdobePhotoshop
  • Technicalexpertise
  • VerygoodcommandofEnglish

2.3 CanCompetences:

  • Creativity
  • Communicationskills
  • Organizationalskills
  • Artistictalent
  • Readinessforlifelonglearning
  • Teamwork

3. What is a Web Designer Responsible For?

Web designers are responsible for creating and optimizing websites. Their job also involves planning production processes, creating media content (e.g., images, animations, and videos), and developing corporate website design. To be able to do this, a web designer should be conversant in various programming languages ​​and handle different applications.

In addition, it is very important to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date by mastering new programming.

4. How Much Does a Web Designer Make?

The amount of a web designer’s salary depends on whether they’re employed or self-employed. The starting salary of a web designer is between $30,000 – $70,000 per year. The rate of remuneration depends on one’s professional qualifications, experience, and a specific industry:

  • Advertisingandcommunicationsagencies
  • PR agencies
  • Publishers
  • Radioandtelevision
  • Film or software production, etc.

5. How to Land a Job as a Web Designer

To impress your future employer, you should specify in your CV all the practical experience you have, such as an internship in web design or media design. Your application should be appealing and convincing. You should show your future employer why you are the best and why you want to pursue a career in web design.

How to Succeed in Web Design

If you already made up your mind to become a web designer, you should concentrate on acquiring the necessary skills and improving your overall competence in web design. That is the only way to get ahead in this profession.

6. Conclusion

Let’s sum up some of the most important facts about the job of a web designer:

  • A web designer deals with layout, design, animations, and graphics of a website.
  • You can become a web designer by getting training in media design, digital and print media design, or taking a dual degree program in digital media or graphic design.
  • A web designer should be conversant in HTML/XHTML and image editing, have an excellent command of English, be creative, and possess strong organizational skills.
  • On average, there are 100 candidates for a web designer vacancy.

So, maybe it’s the job of your dreams?