Imagine that you have a list of several hundred casinos that you need to process in order to choose the best online casino. Selection by criteria in this case will be many times more effective than word of mouth, tracking reviews, ratings, etc. So let’s go.

Getting to know the user agreement and the best online casino policy

At this stage, we exclude casinos that do not work with users from your country, or who may have questions about the citizenship of their client. Try to weed out those casinos in which the number of prohibitions and restrictions is striking already at the stage of signing the user agreement.

Evaluate payment systems for deposits and withdrawal of money

The ability to deposit / withdraw through various systems, regardless of the last operation, is a definite plus. However, the additional identification requirements and a small list of payment systems will create certain inconveniences for the player even before the game stage.

Check the commissions when depositing and withdrawing funds

The presence of commissions above 1% makes the game in the casino guaranteed to be losing in the end. However, if you have a good wager, such a casino can still be left on “waiting list”. Requirements of compulsory wagering of deposits or high commissions instantly remove such “super-greedy” sites from the list of candidates for the title of “best online casino”.

Estimate the assortment of games and the declared percentage of return on slot machines

A level above 95% return on any online slots is the bar by which you can determine the most effective online casino. If a number is above 99%, then it is best to drop such a casino from list of best online gambling establishments – most likely, the figure is fictitious, there is no slots with RTP more than 99%. Be careful – sometimes the return number can be veiled or hidden from the eyes of users. Often online casinos provide the player with additional bonuses, which seem to allow you to increase the actual percentage of return, and make it possible to claim an incredibly high payout percentage. However, this desire of gambling platforms to mislead you should not confuse you – look only for real numbers.

The assortment of games is unlikely to be important for those who are used to playing good old machines and adhere to conservative views on gambling. Moreover, the vast majority of casinos today are ready to offer more than 5 dozens of the most varied games. That is why the assortment becomes an almost useless criterion.

Check the quality of the scripts on free games

It’s not important to check the RTP as to determine whether it is worth waiting for software failures and other negative moments in the selected casino. Still, we do not recommend playing slot machines for free for a long time – this is unlikely to allow you to objectively judge RTP, but will only increase the duration of the selection process.

Estimate the terms of payment of funds and the availability of round-the-clock support

We recommend everyone to evaluate the availability of live round-the-clock support – this is not just an image attribute, but also an indicator of the seriousness and demand of the casino among other players. Similarly with payment periods: serious casinos rarely delay the payment process by more than one day.

Compare wagers (bonuses)

In the remaining list of best online casinos, we evaluate the customer loyalty system, namely the rating of players, tournaments, wagers and bonuses. All wagers with an indicator above 50 can be discarded almost immediately.

Learn all the tricks hidden in online casino user agreements

“Word of mouth” is no longer working to attract customers in the modern gambling business. Gambling venues are actively fighting for customers, but always the brightest, most original and tricky ones win. At the same time, gaming establishments often leave honesty somewhere in the penultimate places. If the casino administration is silent about something, this is not considered dishonest. After all, when a player agrees to the terms and conditions of the casino, he makes his choice. Often, players quickly look through a large amount of text and do not read it completely. We want to draw your attention to some points that are fraught with the tricks of the casino and the danger for inexperienced players.

The casino has the right to refuse to pay the winnings to the player in some cases

This rule is rooted in the initial period of development of the gaming business. By introducing this rule, bookmakers and casinos, in which it was possible to play slot machines and other gambling games, tried to protect themselves from attacks by hackers. Of course, players who honestly won money in casino slot machines have nothing to fear. The rule applies only to suspicious cases: often-winning high amounts to accounts or accounts with the same data made twice, etc.

Until today, this rule has been concretized as follows: players are prohibited from using software tools that can affect the operation of program scripts and the outcome of the game. Unfortunately, gaming establishments can identify fraudulent software. Therefore, players are better off not taking actions that provoke the best online casino to this precaution.

The casino has the right to temporarily block the player’s account without explanation

This can easily be considered obsolete. However, in the rules of some casinos, where you can play casino games for money, it still occurs. This can be explained by shortcomings in updating the terms and conditions of the casino, or reinsurance of the administration from force majeure cases. Although in recent years, there have been no such cases where without explanation of reasons the player’s accounts were frozen. At least no complaints have been received.

The administration of the casino has the right to request from the player additional data for identification

Online casinos carry out this procedure with players at the first withdrawal of funds from the account. Upon subsequent withdrawals of money, documents identifying the person will not be requested. The provision of personal data, for example, name, copy ID, place of residence, etc., is part of the player’s identification system. In some cases, players are also requested to provide additional payment details and confirmation of their belonging to the specified person. Thiscanleadto a numberoftroubles:

  1. The player’s personal data differs from the registration. The player can make inaccuracies in the name, date of birth, age, accidentally or intentionally. If inaccuracies are material and intentional, the user account will be blocked. If it is obvious that the error was made mechanically (missed letter, wrong month or birthday), the support team will simply correct it manually. Of course, the unspoken rule “at the discretion of the casino” can play a trick. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when filling out registration forms and questionnaires.
  2. The age of the player does not correspond to the legal age for playing in the casino. The accounts of minors in 99% of cases are blocked by the administration. What are the nuances of this limitation? The fact is that in different countries the age range varies from 18 years to 21 years. That is why all points of the user agreement must be re-read very carefully.
  3. When withdrawing funds, citizenship does not coincide with the previously declared. This discrepancy is not so significant, therefore it is eliminated by the casino services manually. However, if the privacy policy of the casino prohibits players from certain countries to play their games and citizenship has been changed to circumvent this ban. Such an account will be blocked, which will result in the loss of all funds.
  4. The payment details are incorrect or belong to another person. This inconsistency is one of the most serious violations of the rules of the casino and leads to the loss of an account. In addition, many casinos refer such violations to federal financial institutions. Remember that using a relative, friend or acquaintance card to play a game may result in fraud charges.

If a player is slow in sending the requested casino data, provides poor quality documents or does not provide identification data at all, his account, as a casino user will be blocked.

The number of payment systems may vary by decision of the casino administration

Such an innovation has affected many casinos in order to prevent money laundering through the casino by means of transfusion from one payment system to another. Sometimes the payment system disappears from the list offered due to high fees or lack of demand. Players using this payment system will receive some time to find alternative ways to deposit and withdraw in the future.

The size of the commission for depositing and withdrawing funds may vary

If this point is present in the rules of the casino, you should think about the honesty of this gaming establishment. Some resources require a wager of the deposit; otherwise, the commission reaches an incredible 10-15%. It is better to leave such casinos and choose sites that are advantageous to you.

If you keep to these rules, you will play definitely only in best online casinos of the net. So keep them in mind when you will look for an online casino to play for money. Goodluck!